If you feel like you've lost your body, mind or confidence (collectively what I refer to as your 'mojo') then Health Coaching may be for you.

Perhaps you have what Dr Libby refers to as Rushing Women's Syndrome, maybe your job is stressing you out and you feel stuck there, or maybe you feel good but you want to feel great?

Health Coaching is a process designed just for you, to facilitate sustainable health and behaviour change for positive outcomes. I am a believer in regular communication for accountability so you never feel in this alone.

After years of study and research, I have selected what I believe are the daily habits that can generate the biggest changes for the majority of people. My aim is to to liberate you from a life of yo-yo-ing and feeling guilty, and getting you back in control and feeling good!

During Health Coaching sessions I can support you either:

  • on your journey back to optimal health,
  • to create a healthier environment for your family to thrive,
  • to enhance your athletic or career performance, or
  • to achieve specific goals.

Together we work on understanding habits and behaviours to be able to adapt and change them where necessary. We also review the environments in which you spend the most time to ensure that they are optimised for your mind and body.  

This is an exciting process and I am always blown away by the transformations I am privileged to witness. In between sessions I play the role of coach, challenger, cheerleader and fan club all in one.

Please call me to arrange a free of charge, no obligation chat  to see Health Coaching might work for you.

For Families

Health Coaching is a great way to learn how to support your whole family through changes on your way to a healthier, happier life. 

I must emphasise that you can't fill from an empty cup so my focus is on you first. 

Working with kids can be challenging to say the least, especially the fussy eaters! They watch and learn a lot from you but there are always challenges along the way. 

Going through this myself there are many techniques that I have learnt and adapted along the way that can be used to make the process easier. 

As a start, check out my blog with tips for laying the Foundations of Good Health For Kids.