Oct-Dec 2020: I am relocating my practice and not taking on new clients. Thanks for your understanding. Sarena x

Free 20 minute consultation.

I offer a free 20 minute consultation so that you can see whether Nutritional Therapy or Health Coaching will work for you. 

Please fill in the form below, email me or call to arrange a time to meet for a coffee, a phone call or Skype chat.

What are you waiting for?

Telephone / Skype / Home Visits

I can work around you to make booking consultations easy.

Where possible I prefer to meet you in your home to observe your environment as often there are easy changes we can make here to boost your health.

See you soon,
Sarena x

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Thanks for the enquiry, I'd love to join your support crew!

Phone: (+44) 07894 749 434

Email: sarena@boostandbalance.life
Skype: boostandbalance

Complete the form or click the button below to Request an Appointment directly from my online calendar: