Pregnancy Part 4 - New Mums (and Dads!)

Learn to swaddle and keep baby swaddled at night for the first week or so, they feel safer this way (ensure they can still kick their legs about if they need to)I rolled my eyes at the cliché ‘sleRead more

Pregnancy Part 3 - Movement, Birth & Placenta Encapsulation

You’re not sick, you’re pregnant.  Unfortunately, in times gone by preggos (as I affectionately refer to them, as I did to myself when ‘with child’) were treated as invalids, confined to thRead more

Cutting the Crap at 40 (or any age)

So I turn 40 today*. Woohoo! I've received lots of comments, 'ooohs and aaahs', pitying and sympathetic looks, and lots of reassurance that 'age is but a number'. But only a few positive andRead more

Pregnancy Part 2 - Morning Sickness

There are so many changes going on in your body once you conceive is no wonder some of us literally feel giddy and sick with it. I felt so nauseous in my first trimesters but I never had the reliefRead more

Pregnancy Part 1 - Preparation (environment & diet)

My health principles are relatively easy to follow as I often pretend I’m a cave woman and imagine what they would’ve done.  Pregnancy is no different. Women over the ages have successfullyRead more

Breathing to Boost Health

In the introduction to his book the Oxygen Advantage (2015), Patrick McKeown highlights that: we can live without food for around three weeks, we can live without water for a few days,but we mayRead more

Naturopathy & Ancestral Principles

Modern science and medicine cannot always explain the human body. The thing that makes us human is that we are more than just a sum of our parts, we also have a driving life force, or energy, alsoRead more

Nutritional Therapy vs Holistic Health Coaching?

During Nutritional Therapy you are consulting me to help you understand the effects nutrition can have on your body, and how to adapt simple, daily habits for what you are wanting to achieve.Read more

Moving to Boost Health

The term ‘exercise’ these days conjures up images of treadmills, mirrored studio rooms, pain and sweat, but this is not what our bodies were designed for. Sitting at a desk for 8 hours and thenRead more

Thinking to Boost Health

One of the most profound statements I’ve heard recently, that really stuck with me is this:  The story you tell yourself should be the same as the story you are telling others. But, if we areRead more

Sleeping to Boost Health

Quality sleep could well be the most important aspect of our health, often overlooked and neglected in a modern society where we feel the need to utilise every hour of the day...and night. Have youRead more

Top Tips for Digestion of Christmas Dinner

I have to start this post by addressing the role of stress in digestion. If your body is in the 'fight or flight' state, under stress, exhausted but thinking of your massive 'to-do' list, the lastRead more
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