Nutritional Therapy vs Holistic Health Coaching?

​What is the difference between Nutritional Therapy and Health Coaching?

During Nutritional Therapy you are consulting me to help you understand the effects nutrition can have on your body, and how to adapt simple, daily habits for what you are wanting to achieve.

Nutritional Therapy:

  • Gives your body and confidence a boost. 
  • Helps you answer the WHAT (can I do to improve my health)?

As a Health Coach I am consulting you to understand which questions to ask to draw out of you what you already know, value and believe to be true. Using your own values and beliefs instead of trying to adapt others, it is easier to make realistic plans and commit to achievable actions. I will be there to hold you accountable and cheer you on. This is the only true way to create sustainable change.

Health Coaching:

  • Helps you find balance. 
  • So that you understand WHY you are making changes and HOW you are going to do it.

The two modalities serve different purposes but work beautifully together to help you move forward, creating a healthier, happier home. 💚