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Healthy Holidays

Feeling good on holiday

I find our lifestyle less of a challenge now than I did when I first started and trips like this are less intimidating and easier to prepare for. But there are always situations that you can't control, and actually....maybe you don't want to (I'm a bit of a control freak incase you hadn't picked up on that!). So whilst I did prep a few dishes and snacks etc and took my essentials (listed below) I did partake in some normal holiday behaviour (I use the word 'normal' loosely). By that I mean I drank some wine, ate several cheeseboards, had 2 choc mint Magnum ice creams and a flat white coffee (with actual cows milk oooooh).

I can tell you that I haven't provided that information lightly because it does worry me that some of what I say/do on the interwebs can be taken out of context, so hence this blog to provide some. 

People often say to me 'I've changed my diet but I'll never be as good/healthy as you', which I guess makes me feel proud. However sometimes it does make me feel sad that it's not the norm and therefore I can also feel a bit alienated - but this is something I'm getting used to. The point I'm trying to make here is that I know I'm doing so many positive things for my health and I've reached a point in my life where I know that it doesn't matter to me what I've eaten on this holiday because I'm very informed about food and what it can/can't do for me. Also, the way it made me feel (particularly the ice creams and coffee) just confirmed to me why I'm living a more healthy lifestyle now, and why I feel so good all of the time! I honestly felt nauseous from the ice cream and bloated after the flat white - so I won't be doing that again, not even for the short term chemical buzz for my taste buds. 

My normal diet is pretty clean, I'm more in tune with my body than I've ever been and I was immediately able to feel the difference after the ice cream. So upon our return home the first thing I did was make a massive green juice to feel that healthy, clean buzz that I love so much and that makes me feel so good. That's not to say how I felt affected a brilliant holiday in any way at all, in fact it's positively re-affirmed for me that I've (finally) got it right. 

So please don't feel that you have to partake in the 'normal' holiday behaviour yourselves, a holiday should be rejuvenating, relaxing and not make you feel like you need another one to get over it. Make the most of the days, sleep well at night, exercise if you can and stick to what you know makes you feel good. It will be the best holiday you ever had. Until the next one.
Essentials to take on holiday with me: 

  • lots of lemons, honey, turmeric, cayenne pepper, apple cider vinegar for my morning brew
  • gluten free oats so I can whip up a porridge or maybe some baked goods
  • some Nakd Bars for the kids as portable snacks
  • my organic coffee and coffee maker if it's possible (because there are so few places in this country that serve what I want), and
  • coconut water (for smoothies and electrolytes after sweating in the sun)
  • coconut oil for post-sun skin, moisturiser, oil-pulling, cooking etc etc

PS. I'm also very grateful that we stayed with family who understand my healthy motivations and provided some fantastic meals and snacks for us to enjoy too. This does make things a whole lot easier.